Monday, April 14, 2008

A Unified Field Theory of Creativity

Our break was put back for a couple of days due to the weather. While post-browsing during the weekend,
I came across David Galensons book 'Old Masters and Young Geniuses - the two life cycles of Artistic Creativity.' (P.U.P 2006) Amazon link

Though having broader applications than the field of art, Galensons basic theory is that there are two essential kinds of creative genius - the conceptual innovator, and the experimental innovator. One type tends to produce their major work early in their career; the other late on in life.

Here is a link to an extended article on Wired - What Kind of Genius are You? if you'd like to pursue it, and a further link to a brief quiz to apply the theory to your own creativity.

D.W. Galenson also wrote 'Painting outside the Lines - Patterns of Creativity in Modern Art' (2001)

I've put in a request for this for my birthday.
(If you like music see Pachelbel's Rant on Virtual Nexus).
Check out Visualizing Viruses on Wired for images of Trojan Worms etc.

See you all in a few days when we get back.

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