Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Truth according to Wikipedia & Gordon Brown on Twitter

Came back from regions just beyond the reach of broadband up the Kirkstone Pass in Cumbria last night (tho' there is a cyber cafe in nearby Glenridding) and am having a fast browse around on return.
I came across the video below in passing - The Truth according to Wikipedia - 48 minutes.
Very interesting contrasting views on Wiki P (and Web 2.0)

Also noticed that Gordon Brown has been taking the plunge on Twitter.... (this is not a spoof?)
"Back to a grey UK and straight back in the office. I did manage to get better food than muffins (eventually) - thanks for following the trip...." See Twitter in Plain English one of many basic links on how to use this micro-blog medium of under 140 letters per tweet.

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