Monday, April 21, 2008 is in the Pipeline

Remember my Autoblogger.con spoof of a few weeks ago? Seems like the joke might be on me given current technological advances and the development of appropriate programs.

Check this link out to a post about books which have been written by, rather than simply on, a computer. A guy called Philip Parker has written 2ooK books and published on Amazon (including many medical reports) - with some of the material generated and compiled by computer - at computer speed. While these rate as books, they are really more like generic written reports; but the programme has already produced rudimentary poetry. Has interesting implications for the future.

I arrived at this link through Brad's Reader which has a number of other interesting links on 18/4 post I have yet to pursue; includes one on omnitasking (rather than multitasking) using latest technology.

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